Dogecoin is listing on Coinbase

Dogecoin is listing on Coin base within Six to Eight Weeks

Dogecoin is  listing on Coinbase
Dogecoin is  Listing on CoinBase

Another Important news for the Doge community comes as the 3rd largest crypto trading platform is planning to list famous meme currency. Dogecoin is listing on Coinbase within six to eight weeks which may open new opportunities for meme currency. The currency is still seeing a spike in prices as these positive indicators are driving the interest of investors in doge.

No doubt, the dogecoin is highly unstable and volatile still it is the most interesting coin in the market of crypto and holding the Rank 4 in trading on Binance. Coinbase's decision for listing Doge on its platforms comes after the significant decrease in its trading volume and shift of interest of traders towards doge. 

Doge Volatile Nature & Reason of Losses

The highly volatile nature of  Doge attracts many companies to made short-term high profits, a recent example was seen in the SNL event of Elon musk where many Whales sells their coins at high and becomes the reason for the fall of Doge especially when the doge community is considering to take his prices too the moon.

Coinbase's decision will help doge in getting many new investors who want to purchase doge as well helps in increasing the dropping trading volumes of Coinbase. 

Future of  Doge and Cause of Coin Base Attraction

These days doge is seeing a very bright future as the Dogefather gives a hint that Tesla will accept it as a payment method in the near future. In his recent tweet musk addresses that he is working with Doge dev's to increase the transaction efficiency of Doge. This shows the interest of the world's 2nd richest man that how doge is important for him and it will be the future of cryptocurrency.

CoinBase Several Reason Regarding the Listing of Dogecoin

One of the other reasons for Coinbase for accepting the Doge is as Tesla rejected the Bitcoin payment due to environmental concerns and Elon's interest in Doge. Elon is not just a billionaire he is the Idol of many entrepreneurs as well. He has about 54 Million followers on Twitter which is enough to shake the entire cryptomarket. Many people believe that musk Twitter is a remote control for the crypto market and it also getting the attention of other billionaires who are also interested in increasing their fortune to reach new heights. 

So with the increasing investors and traders of Doge after great marketing by Elon, it is prominent to everyone.

Note: This article contains information that is gathered as a result of search and analysis of market trends and is not made to promote any cryptocurrency. Being Advance team will not be held responsible for any loss incurred. Crypto is a highly volatile market and circumstances and condition changes very quickly with the market, therefore, precautions should be needed while making any investment decisions.

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