World's fastest internet is going to launch soon after its successful testing

Starlink start inviting users to make deposits & secure their place for the world's fastest internet

Elon Musk's company Starlink is going to launch internet service very soon around the world after a successful beta testing phase. Start link has launched more than 1000 satellites into the earth's orbit till now and in the testing phase internet speed varies between 50Mbps to 150Mbps and they are expecting the speed to be faster with the establishment of more on ground working stations and launch of furthermore satellites into the orbit.

Starlink Sattelites Network will provide the fastest internet.

An email is sent to various users who show their interest by providing their email at StarLink's official site. The email contains an invitation to make a deposit with startlink after checking its probable launch in your region. A kit will be delivered to users for connecting with satellites. It's been expected that Starlink will spread its operation covering the entire world within the next 2-3 years.
Email from Starlink
Email Received from StarLink

People are expecting a high of startlink as it will be the world's fastest internet with no interruptions and data lags. Our currently in use internet uses fiberoptics cable to transfer data between various continents. The connections between various continents are served through using fiber optics cable within the oceans which sometimes disconnects due to technical issues underneath the ocean which result in slow speed of internet for a few days. In the online world, the creation of satellites will be highly appreciable because of fewer interruptions and the fastest data transfer speeds.

StarLink is offering its service with its complete kit for just 99$ which is quite affordable based on the quality of service Starlink. Starlink is not currently offering in my area and will be going to launch expectedly in 2022 and the deposit you will make initially will be refundable as available on the Starlink website.

 The main reason for too much initial response of Starlink has come with the goodwill of Elon Musk who is now the world's richest man owner of Starlink as well as electric car company Tesla and Space company Space X.

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