5 Steps to make a website

Make a Website

The day-to-day innovation in technology, the spread of mobile phones, and the fastest internet connections available around the globe necessitates people and businesses to establish a digital presence to grow more in their professional life.
However, for startups and influencers who are just starting their businesses, developing a website from a web developer is very costly. You can create a WordPress website without any programming knowledge.


WordPress is a CMS(Content management system) which helps you to manage your website. The best thing about WordPress is that it came with many free plugins which will save time and cost as well. Just install the relevant plugin and get the feature you want on your website.

So here are the 5 easy steps to make a website with WordPress:

1. Get the availability of Name:

Before starting a website you must know what should be the name of the website and whether that particular name you select is available. The website name is usually associated with its domain name and you should first check for a good domain name and it' avavilability.
You can find a domain name from any of the domain provider's website three of the best sites for getting a domain and hosting (which I will tell you later) is:

2. Name Cheap
3. HostGator

Just Go to Google and search the Godaddy domain and it will show you various options and leads you to the site and where you can type the name of your choice.
A domain name is the address of your website each time a user type this name in the search bar in any web browser it will lead him/her to your website.

2. Buy a Good Hosting 

The domain is the address of your website and hosting is the place where your content is stored online. Buying good hosting is very crucial for website building. You can use any of your local or international hosting providers for good hosting. There are different packages for hosting and which package will fit you depends upon your need.
However, recommended hosting providers are those mentioned above while buying a domain. Even Godaddy will provide you free domain on buying Webhosting.

3. Connect Domain with your Hosting

Now the third step is to attach your domain with your hosting so every time a user type your domain name will reach the particular address where your website is located on the internet.

In the case of Godaddy which I'm personally experienced with it automatically connects the domain with hosting in just a few clicks. But if you don't have to host from Godaddy the process is little bit complicated but you can easily learn it by watching some videos on Youtube which will teach you How to connect a domain with hosting.

4. Install WordPress and choose a Theme

After connecting your hosting with your domain the next step is to install wordpress sometimes your host provider allows it just a one-click install and sometimes you have to download it from WordPress official site and then have to install it. After successfully installing WordPress you have to choose a specific theme for your website and your selection of theme will depend upon your need. Astra is one of the famous themes for e-commerce websites. You have to search about different themes and check them on your website whether or not they will fulfill your need.

5. Index your website in Webmaster Tools

After making a website it's essential to index your website in webmaster tools of Google and Bing which are the most useful search engines. You can search on how to index your website in Google search console and bing webmaster tool.

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