YouTube TV increased it's monthly subscription charges

YouTube TV Increased His Monthly Subscription Charges

YouTube TV adds new ViacomCBS Channels

A sharp increase by YouTube Tv in his monthly subscription prices are taken place, the hike of the prices is taken due to the addition of new Viacom CBS channels on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV announces a price hike of 14.99$ compares to his existing package of 50$. The 8 ViacomCBS channel that recently included by youtube includes BET, CMT, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 & Tv Land.

When the new price of YouTube TV take effect?

For new users, it takes effect from now but for existing users, it takes effect on their next billing cycle. (probably after 31st July). 
Since YouTube Tv is established, the total increase in prices of YouTube Tv up to date is 34.99$. It started with an initial price of 35$ when it launches then they increase charges to 40$ and in 2019 cost again increased to 50$ and now in 2020, it is at 64.99$.

YouTube Tv is also interested in getting a few more channels into YouTube TV in the near future which includes NickToons, Nick Jr, BET Her, MTV 2, etc.

In comparison to YouTube Tv, the  Hulu's Live Tv charges 54.9$ per month but it lacks the ultimate DVR storage that YouTube offers and AT&TV costs start at  55$ per month and Sling's Tv costs about 45$ per month but coverage of services and accessibility provided by YouTube didn't match with any other platforms.

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