Who is Elon Musk?

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is a real inspiration to society and especially those who want to grow and achieve something worthwhile in life. If you have a strong belief in your dreams and you want to chase it then Elon musk is the living example of this.

He started his journey when he was just 12 in age, he made a video game and sell it for 500$. You can still play blaster by Elon musk online. Later on, in 1999, Musk and his brother Kimbal sold their software company from there musk building of empire started. When he was just at 27 he invested his $22M in X.com a company that transfers money online he further evaluated the company but later on he sold his company to eBay for $165M in 2002 and goes home. The company we are known as PayPal these days.

Musk's journey doesn't stop there he again plans to do something which was not ever done by someone else and started investing his time in studying space technologies and later on, he developed Space X a company which makes rocket's but unlike other musk comes with a  visionary statement that he wants people to live on other planets. This statement was criticized but musk never gives up.
Musk wants to develop a rocket that has the ability to land again he said: "what a sophisticated is it to fly the rocket and afterward they crash".

Not just bound to Space X Elon Musk move towards creating cars that run with non-renewable energy and he introduced Tesla electric car in 2004 as a futuristic car. Musk always shows the importance of Tesla as we have limited non-renewable resources and one day the world has to move away from non-renewable resources towards renewable ones.

In 2008, Musk surrounded by many challenges around him as Space X suffered from third Rocket Crash and sales of Tesla drops a lot which increases the cost of Tesla than its profits and increases the chances to ruin the firm. but some financing and government loan of $465M government loan help Tesla to stand again and Space X was saved by a new government contract. The young entrepreneur faces many difficulties but he never leaves his dream and vision. A vision to create a new futuristic world.

On 6th Feb 2018, Space X conducted a successful rocket test when two rockets of space X after flying lands perfectly without a crash. That was the successful day of a visionary entrepreneur Elon musk. Now musk becomes an inspiration and a source of extreme motivation for everyone who believes in their self and as well as their dreams.

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