What is 25dollar1up? Is it a Scam or legit ?

Online Earning Website 25dollar1up

Many users on the internet always been curious How they can earn online? In such curiosity, they have been scammed by scammers on the internet. There is no doubt you can earn online on the internet, there are many legal platforms on the internet that help you earning a handsome amount.

25dollar1up scam or legit?

What is 25dollar1up?

25dollar1up is a pyramid scheme and it's not a business because you are not selling any product or service there. Before we understand how it works and how you earn money from this site lets discuss some basic so you are able to understand how the whole mechanism works.

What is a Pyramid scheme?
Pyramid schemes are those schemes in which you're not doing any business whether it is selling a product or offering a service. In pyramid schemes, an organization compels a person to make a payment to them and in addition to this the recruited person has to compel more persons to make payment to that organization and in return, they will a portion of the payment from that. In most countries, this type of scheme is not legit as they are not adding any value to society instead this is just a flow of money among individuals.

Is 25dollar1up is a scam or legit?
You may call 25dollar1up  it a scam as you just have to deposit the money and ask any other person to do the same by using your referral link and from the money of that person which joined through your referral link you received the portion of your payment.
This website introduced packages starting from 25$ to 1000$ and is paying the referral amount to their customers who got referrals joining the website through their referral link.

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