What are Scientists doing with the Monkeys?

What are Scientists doing with the  Monkeys?

A Significant Hike in Monkey Prices Globally

 Monkey prices are increasing day by day worldwide after the COVID-19 pandemic. As scientists using monkeys for their experiments to save mankind. The price of a monkey is increased up to 10000$. The sudden hike in price fills the pockets of animal sellers & hunters as well. 

Where many businesses including hotels & airlines are closing or shutting down there these monkey sellers earning high profits by selling them.

Moreover, representative of an organization for animal rights and protection said that behavior with such animals of human beings is now a day is cruel.
On the other hand, many people counter targeted their argument that instead of standing with humanity why such people supporting monkeys. Whatever there is no doubt monkeys are cute as well as naughty animals on earth.
They are best known for copycat animals and these things make them loveable.

Why scientists always use monkeys for their experiments?
According to the theory of evolution, man is developed from a monkey's that's why it is widely believed by the scientists and researches have also shown that monkeys resemble with a human in many ways that's why every first experiment is done on monkey before doing it on humans.

Other than monkeys rats are used as a secondary animal for lab testing of various vaccines & medicines due to similar reasons as it resembles much with humans according to biology.

Do you know monkeys are religious animals?
In South Asia a country with the second-largest population on earth India where people worship monkey as it resembles their God Bajrangbali also known as Hanuman who did deeds under the guidance of their God Ram. In India, people respect monkeys and also serve them food and see them as a positive symbol of their life.

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