EASA Bans PIA flights for 6 months after fake certificates scandal of PIA Pilots

PIA Flights Banned in Europe for 6 Months By European Aviation Safety Agency

European Aviation Safety Agency banned PIA flights after fake flying certificates scandal of PIA pilots pointed out by Pakistan Air aviation minister. After PIA's plane crash in Karachi incident the minister of air aviation of Pakistan declared in parliament that certificates of its pilots are fake which raises serious questions on PIA's credibility.

After such a big statement by Pakistan's Aviation minister Pakistan's international Airline PIA is facing backlash from all over the world and now European union air aviation agency bans entry of PIA in Europe.

It is to be noted that Pakistan International Airlines after 12 years granted permission from USA aviation agencies to fly direct flights of PIA to the USA. Now after such scandal chances are there Pakistan might be banned from many other aviation agencies as starting from EASA.

Similarly, a recent incidence also faces by PIA pilots where radio transmission of PIA was disconnected and they are flying in air space of another country after too many enquire by control tower they are not able to respond and Air force of that country scrambles his 2 jet fighters who try to investigate what is happening around. 

Many people raise concerns about the Flying ability of PIA and many questions to come in the light which is contradicting to statements of Pakistan aviation ministry by people commenting around the world.

Q.1 If Pilots have fake flying licenses then how they are flying the planes accurately?

Q.2 If many Pilots have fake licenses then why the aviation minister is not suspending them?

Q.3 The pilot who crashes PIA flight have working experience of flying plane for about 17 hours during his career?

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