Did freelancing is being effected by increasing unemployment in 2020?

As the world is facing severe economic challenges due to COVID-19 and the rate of unemployment is being increasing day by day. In such a time where countries are shutting down and business is at great rescission did freelancing is still worthwhile or not? 
Then answer is that freelancing is still growing as COVID-19 only has worse impacts on offline business and instead it booms the sale of online business the most seeing example of this is the large profits that Amazon makes during COVID-19 days.

Freelancing is booming as the world is now moving from offline to the online world but still it facing challenges due to unemployment. Lack of jobs causes many unemployed people towards freelancing and other sorts of online earning activities. 
Many of the people are now moving towards online services as freelancers and day by day competition in the market is increasing tremendously. Fiverr is now giving the best analytics of it as the numbers of gigs are increasing on it day by day but still, demand and supply have not far seen effects and COVID-19 is going to give a boost to online word a decade before.
It's no doubt that freelancing is the future of the world as the world is continuously evolving and the internet is widening around the globe making it a global village. 


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