Best Payment Methods for your eCommerce Website

Best Payment Methods for your eCommerce Website

Over time as the world becomes a global village, the need for transferring currency for online payments increases dramatically and after the COVID-19 epidemic, there is a huge boost in the online world as physical activities become lesser then virtual activities like freelancing & online sales around the Globe.
Many business ventures are now shifting their business to e-commerce platforms and opening online services but the biggest problem is How to receive Online Payments?

To satisfy customers and not lose any of your potential customers, many online companies involve in E-commerce business activities use the most popular (customer-oriented) payment gateways.
Its a saying in the field of E-commerce that more the payment gateways the more ease to customers the more sales you will generate.
But inserting all the payment gateways is not also right and creates a lot of complexities for the business so instead of adding many why not add most popular and secure payment gateways.

Best Online Payment Gateways :

Following are the 8 most popular online payment gateways around the world that you must-have for online success :
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google Pay
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Visa checkout
There are many other famous payment methods but they are best for regional use, above methods are very crucial for a website while rest of the method you have to search according to your regional requirements.

1. Paypal:

Paypal is the world's most popular and one of the most common methods nowadays for making online payments. PayPal has about 255 million users around different countries worldwide and more than 17.5 million businesses use Paypal as their payment gateways.
Paypal is available in more than 200 countries and supports more than 25 currencies.

So Why to Choose Paypal?
Paypal provides the best user experience with end to end encryption which means your money is in safe hands moreover an easy way to transfer money from Paypal to your personal bank account. Majority of people using PayPal so it's easier to transfer money in between.
Best for E-commerce as the majority of People have PayPal which means a customer on your website after selecting the product or service is not going to leave as they don't have supported payment method.

2. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is the most popular payment method introduced by the world's leading E-commerce platform having the biggest sales all around the world. This Payment method introduced to ease the payments for buyers on Amazon & buyers can also pay by voice using Alexa (an artificial intelligence robot that hears commands and then implements it). Amazon Pay guarantees that payment using their service is secured A to Z.
Why Amazon Pay as a Payment Gateway?
Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website they have most e-commerce buyers all around the world similarly if the buyers need to purchase from Amazon they need to create an account on Amazon pay. So by adding Amazon pay as a payment gateway you can capture a lot of Amazon buyers visiting your site.

3. Google Pay

Google is the most known company and the best search engine in the entire world so who can compete with the above two giants in online Payment gateway obviously it's Google Pay. In google pay, your money is secured with multiple layers of security against theft. Google Pay is one of the most trusted sites ever that's why google pay has hundreds of customers around the globe.
How to use Google Pay?
One of the most advanced features of Google Pay is it's very simple to use. Just go to google store or App store & download the app then sign in with your Google account. After download & installing the app is available to use.
Why choose Google Pay as a Payment gateway or Payment method?
Capture the market of people using android phones all around the world secondly the most secure and speedy way to transfer funds. When you pay with your phone google pay use an encrypted number instead of the number of your card hence most secured. Best for e-commerce site because of hundreds of thousands of its user base.

4. American Express

American Express is also known as Amex is one of the oldest financial services platforms established in 1850 and has headquarters in New York. American Express is a deep routed organization having strong links with many banks across the globe. American Express is available in 40 countries. Even many banks around the world prefer payments from American Express.

What is the benefit of choosing American Express as a Payment Gateway?
American Express gives 24/7 customer support as well as offers high protection of your funds and the plus point is it supports more than 120 currencies worldwide.
So what you need as the best payment platform that supports more than 120 currencies and helps you attract more customers around the world.

5. Apple Pay

About 66% of people in the United States use Apple devices similarly the majority of the users use Apple Pay to buy from the App Store of Apple. Apple Pay is available in 39 countries.
Apple Pay is very simple to use and user friendly as payments can be easily transferred using touch identification due to reliability many of the users prefer Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay is an effective Payment Gateway?
Due to its reliability and multiple features, the best security offered by Apple & moreover a wide range of users across the globe and mainly in the United States (US). Apple pay gives the best services and reviews of Apple pay are brilliant. 
So why not add a useful Payment Gateway with a wide range of users?

6. Stripe

Stripe is among one of the best companies to send or receive online payments worldwide. Stripe was established in 2009 and has headquarters in California. Other than the payment method mentioned above stripe is also a known, well developed, and secure online payment making company with many users worldwide.
Stripe charge fee of 2.9% + 30¢ for each successful card charge and each year stripe goes through many updates to keep the privacy and security of funds of their users. Many people use stripe for their best security and faster payment transfers.
If you are going to set up a payment gateway for your website then stripe will be the best option.

7. Square

Square is mostly associated with an in-person point of sales but their services in E-commerce are also remarkable. Like many other internet payment gateways square also charges 2.9% + 0.30$ per payment.

8. Visa Checkout

Visa is the most popular debit or credit card with a strong presence in 123 countries and a total presence in 168 countries around the globe. In many countries, Visa is the clear winner concerning any other Payment Gateway.
Even in undeveloped countries and developing countries, Visa is popular for online payments and shopping, Visa is widely used and is accepted worldwide. All the Atm's around the world support Visa and the majority bank refers to visa debit & credit cards as a service to their clients.
It's not wrong to say if you don't have Visa as a payment method you are simply saying your customers to leave without buying anything. Visa is crucial for the online world and the need for every E-commerce business.

Which countries not accept Visa?
Where Visa has a worldwide strong acceptance, on the other hand, some countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia & Maldives, etc not accept Visa Payments.

Above payment method are those which are widely accepted worldwide or have more user base around the world.

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